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Service Improvement Sprints Program

The Services Improvement Sprints (SIS) Program is a key stream of the Services Operating Model (SOM) work within the Operations portfolio. The SIS program has been designed to identify and solve ‘quick win’ type issues in the five Professional Services Units (PSU) to improve the day-to-day life of our University community. That is any improvement within Finance, ICT, HR, CIS or Risk Management that you as the University community believe would lessen the administrative burden on you, so you can focus on what counts!

Each wave of the SIS program will focus on a specific theme. It is proposed that these waves will cycle through on a four-month basis, varying the theme but creating a balanced and sustainable model that can be delivered. This would allow for a notation two week ideas generation, twelve week delivery period and two week wrap up process. Please remember that a SIS idea should meet the following six criteria:

  1. An idea that can be turned around and have a positive customer impact within 8 – 12 weeks;
  2. Not subject to major technology upgrades but could be a technology initiative, if light;
  3. Could be a process or service improvement that reduces the number of steps
  4. Could be a simplification process such as a simpler form to complete; and / or
  5. Impact a university community, being Faculty Operations, Academic (including Research and Teaching) and Student Experience
  6. Must be delivered with a PSU’s business as usual (BAU) budget.

If your idea does not meet the SIS criteria but is considered a good idea that could be achieved within the next 12 months, it will be placed in the Initiative category for consideration.

If your idea does not meet the SIS criteria, is considered to require resources that are currently unavailable and is not achievable within the next 12 months it will be delegated to the Not Proceeding category.

Our first wave of the program has successfully delivered a broad range of initiatives from across the Operations Portfolio. Some key completed initiatives include:

  • Augmenting our current Service Desk through the addition of an after-hours and weekend support offering
  • Simplified connection to Eduroam (sector-wide wireless network for education & research)
  • Integrated ICT AV refreshes with CIS CPP / DM quick wins list
  • New web solution to receive reimbursements from staff and customers
  • Casual Forms reduction & Recruitment Forms Improvements
  • Staff Card Activation co-location into JFR Student Centre

The current wave of the program specifically focuses on improvements to support the STUDENT EXPERIENCE however; you can also submit any new ideas at any time. So please, CLICK INTO THE CAMPAIGN and give us your feedback and ideas on improvements that will help you!

SIS Program

Submitted by (@mr.sun)

STATA University site licence for students

Problem: Students can't access STATA software in computer labs or learning hubs for their tutorials and homework. STATA is not available at all general teaching spaces or students labs, but the classes, laboratories, and tutorials locations are booked across the campus. This happened in 2017, and student computing had to move the floating licenses from one place to another. It is happening again in 2018 - teachers can't ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@sdracopoulos)

Digital exams - a more efficient process urgently required

As an early career academic and Unit of Study (Uos)Coordinator, each semester I spend at least 4 hours soliciting questions from the 6-7disciplines that contribute to my UoS assessment. Then a professional staff member can spend up to two weeks formatting the received exam questions as the medical school’s in-house developed examination storage software does not support standard MS-Word formatting. The exam paper is ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@jwel7123)

Container Deposit Scheme - Return and Earn

Return and Earn has been introduced to reduce drink container litter across NSW. As such, containers that are eligible under the scheme are those most commonly found as litter. It would be great if Sydney University had some collection points available for students and staff. Ideally these would be positioned near the food outlets to capture the recyclable items before they go into the general waste bin. The Reverse ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@lelb4777)

Create Organics Waste Stream Collection

Currently the University does not offer organic waste bins, this means all organic waste; food scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, drinks/liquids, biodegradable carbon (such as plant-based cups/plates etc) are all being sent to landfill. This is a problem, because due to the lack of oxygen hitting the materials, once in landfill the food waste breaks down and emits greenhouse gases, including not only carbon dioxide ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@ltiene)

Add floor plans to building location maps

The campus maps app is great and allows us to locate/pinpoint a building on campus, however, often it is often very difficult to locate individual rooms within a building. If a basic floor plan could be linked to venue information it would assist in providing visitors and staff with more detailed information on how to arrive at specific meeting venues - assisting with location, access and timing purposes.

SIS Program

Submitted by (@janemourao)

Plant giveaway (instead of throwing out)

OBSERVATION: The feature pot plants at the end of Eastern Avenue get thrown out when the display is changed. I've witnessed them all being thrown into the back of a truck. Such a waste. IDEA: Give them away! Or "sell" them for a gold coin donation (pick a charity), like the City of Sydney council does (see https://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/living-colour-plant-giveaway). Get a student society to administer ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@lyn.wiley)

Blinky Drinkers on Campus - Keep our critters hydrated and safe

Summer is coming upon us fast and wildlife on campus is suffering from a lack of water available in safe locations. The Unversity of Sydney should install animal drinking fountains up trees across campus. This initiative will expand upon the success of the recent Pave the Way campaign for Blinky Drinkers. The program installs water fountains up trees for koalas to help them stay hydrated in drought-affected locations. ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@michaelturner)

Update to the asset management system

update the asset management system to make it more user friendly to keep up to date. This should better utilising technology for updating asset details and for adding new assets.

SIS Program

Submitted by (@tdoulaveras)

Student photos on class rolls

Each year tutors and teachers request that student photos appear on class rolls especially those who have moved across from other universities which have such a system in place. I have tried for some years to get this implemented. I believe this feature will assist teaching staff and improve student engagement in the tutorial/lab/seminar setting. The SRES is designed to send personalized emails, therefore our class ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@spot9797)

Waste reduction - get rid of disposable coffee cups on campus

As part of campus wide sustainability, it would be great to encourage (and eventually require) all food/drink outlets to stop making coffee in single-use cups and plastic lids. The former just get thrown away, and the latter increasingly are not being recycled given the state of the Australian recycling industry. Could cafes be incentivised to offer free keep-cups once a semester via rent reductions, given that a reduced ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@olap3181)

Making Manning Rd and Physics Rd two way for bicycles

On Camperdown Campus, Manning Rd and Physics Rd are one way roads for vehicles and bicycles. If you ride a bike, it is impossible at the moment to legally travel from one side to another of the campus, without making a large detour to catch the right road. I propose that these two roads are made, somehow, two ways for bicycles (e.g. shared zones?), to facilitate and encourage the usage of 'soft' modes of transportation ...more »

SIS Program

Submitted by (@alison.ng)

University Wide External Bin Upgrade

This allows for 220 single 55 litre external bins across the university to be replaced with 50 - 60 units of 3 bay waste stations. Each bay will hold 3 lots of 120 litre bins also allowing to capture organic waste, landfill and co-mingled waste.