Biodiversity and landscape

Development and maintenance of campuses as a living lab approach.
Development and maintenance of campuses as a living lab approach. (Tree management, native species, usable green space etc.)

Biodiversity and landscape

Introduce edible food plants across campus

There's a big push in some suburbs for verge gardens, taking back lawn space that sucks up water and doesn't provide habitats for animals and insects, and planting with native plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees that are available to the local community. The University has magnificent gardens with well planned plantings but I'd love to see edible options that would encourage students, staff and visitors to pick... more »


Biodiversity and landscape

The Great Tree Planting

The idea of the Great Tree Planting arose from new research showing that planting trees is the single most effective thing we can do to save the planet from climate crisis.Ethiopia, which had 35% forestation in the 1980s and now has 4% forestation, recently mobilised 20m people, a quarter of its population, to plant an estimated 200m trees. Wouldn't it be amazing if we mobilised the 7500 staff and 70,000 students here... more »


Biodiversity and landscape

Rooftop garden at Fisher

The Fisher library building has an enormous concrete balcony outside the staff room, which I believe is no longer accessible. If the university has no plans to return it to its intended function, perhaps it could be turned into a rooftop garden, which would be a habitat for birds and insects. Perhaps we could even have beehives there. In its present state, all it does is radiate heat and house pigeons!


Biodiversity and landscape

Green walls and balconies

Adding green walls and planters to the buildings and balconies around campus with waterwise natives will increase aesthetics, provide pollinators a safe 'stop over' as well as reducing the need for airconditioning due to the shading effects. Especially on the balconies of the new administration building to match up with the kangaroo paws/grasses between F23 and Carslaw.


Biodiversity and landscape

Lead the charge through our gardens

The gardens of the University are one of its greatest features and it would be great to lead the charge in sustainability and climate resilience through them. This could include using rainwater and recycled water to water the gardens, creating more shaded areas to combat rising temperatures, using compost made on campus to fertilise garden beds, and providing habitat to urban wildlife through diversity in vegetation,... more »

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Biodiversity and landscape

Campus Flora app

While this app has already been built and exists on our app store, raising awareness and utilising it in case of a field day / tutorial of experiential learning for students of biology etc., using it as part of Campus Walks / Campus tours for visitors or Open Day potential students or even part of peer mentoring, aligned with our "Unique Sydney experience" 2020 strategy pillar