Responsible travel and transport

Promoting and developing sustainable transport options.
Promoting and developing sustainable transport options. (Active transport, conferences, travel emissions, parking etc.)

Responsible travel and transport

World Car Free Day our campuses

22nd of September marks World Car Free Day where towns and cities around the world close the main parts of their town/city to cars opening up space to pedestrians, cyclist and any other non-motor transportation. Maybe next year (on a Tuesday!) we can shut down the main parts of campus to cars, leaving only our perimeter roads open. We do this to an extent on main campus for Open and Info Days so lets expand it a bit... more »


Responsible travel and transport

Cycleways to campus

Improve 'active transport' to campus by lobbying local government for more cycleways/greenways to and around campus.

Increase 'end of trip' facilities and safety/security (eg, student/staff swipe access to bike lockups and lockers, CCTV at all bike racks).

Make it easier to ride to campus than it is to drive or incentivise active transport.


Responsible travel and transport

Show next pickup point and arrival time of Campus bus

Incorporating this into Sydney Uni's mobile app and potentially key display screens inside campus buildings allows students/staff to safely commute at night. Also pulling data from nearest bus stops and train station helps people plan travel at night times, especially in case of those having classes at night or working late as well as avoid taking cabs etc.