Energy and emissions footprint

Minimising the impact of our energy use and emissions on and around campus.
Minimising the impact of our energy use and emissions on and around campus. (Renewables, active transport, innovation etc.)

Energy and emissions footprint

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers on campus

We really need electric vehicle charging ports along sections of all our parking areas. UNSW installed some four years ago. Without charging stations, how can we expect our student and staff to swap to energy efficient cars?

Energy and emissions footprint

Conference flights

Stop prioritising the attendance of endless international conferences as a measure of academic influence and success. Thousands of flights are taken annually by academics attending conferences when a video link would often do just as well. Air travel is one of the greatest contributors to global warming. Collegiality and social networking opportunities for academics should be developed locally, not at the cost of flights... more »


Energy and emissions footprint

Outdoor pavilions and COLAs

Our campus is overflowing with students looking for somewhere to go between classes for self-study, group work or just hang out. On shady days they hit the lawns, but often it is too hot for that and people cram into libraries and lobbies. We have little outdoor shade on campus. We could provide more shaded sitting spaces. In particular covered bench and table areas with wifi would absorb people who want to do some light... more »


Energy and emissions footprint

First class train travel instead of economy plane travel

When I was at another University the university encouraged people to choose first class train travel and stay an extra day instead of quick plane travel in cramped economy. It was good for the environment, and reduced stress as people took the slow approach and took in the journey and not just the destination. more »


Energy and emissions footprint

Flight shame


Energy and emissions footprint

Sustainability index

Create a 'green' sustainability index and rate all buildings across all campuses on things like energy consumption (break that down further by renewable and non-renewable energy), carbon offset that the building contributes, energy and water efficiency as well as other sustainability options that the building provides. Make this list publicly available to staff/students. This may already be happening but I cannot see... more »


Energy and emissions footprint

Severing Ties to + Investments in Fossil Fuel + Arms Industries

The Chancellor is the chairwoman of tech company Thales Australia, which builds railways for coal mines, but also weapons of mass destruction. 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, the world's biggest polluter is the U.S. military. Universities should not be institutions which profit at the expense of people and planet. They should not be promoting the social license of fossil fuel companies. There... more »


Energy and emissions footprint

100% Renewable Energy Powered Campus

The University needs to power our campus with renewably sourced energy. The University spent $28million on their electricity bill in 2018, derived from our contract with Stanwell Corporation who primarily invest in Fossil Fuel assets. We need to support a just transition to renewable energy sources!


Energy and emissions footprint

Inter-University Student challenge

One of the most powerful things a University can do (as opposed to a company or government department) is to have impact through TEACHING and RESEARCH. If we don't harness these strengths, we'll always have much less impact than we could have. I propose a high profile University challenge event (eg USYD vs UNSW or Melbourne, but with the aim of becoming national/international) to encourage student teams to develop new... more »


Energy and emissions footprint

Control over air conditioning

Many rooms / lecture theatres and offices around the Uni are governed by building-wide air conditioning. We understand that this is to avoid wasteful energy use that can occur if the temperature is set too low/high, however it would be great if each lecture theatre, classroom and office floor could at least have an on/off button. Sometimes a room is unnecessarily cold in summer or unnecessarily hot in winter and the energy... more »


Energy and emissions footprint

Switch off

Switch off lights, computers and other electronics on campus when not in use! Did you know? Lights on campus are on 24/7. Yes! the campus looks beautiful with the lights on but the reality is that we are wasting a lot of energy just for aesthetics! According to a study - energy wasted by leaving the lights on overnight for a year can be used to heat a home for 5 months!! A simple photocopier machine left on standby mode... more »