Responsible travel and transport

Show next pickup point and arrival time of Campus bus

Incorporating this into Sydney Uni's mobile app and potentially key display screens inside campus buildings allows students/staff to safely commute at night. Also pulling data from nearest bus stops and train station helps people plan travel at night times, especially in case of those having classes at night or working late as well as avoid taking cabs etc.

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Biodiversity and landscape

Campus Flora app

While this app has already been built and exists on our app store, raising awareness and utilising it in case of a field day / tutorial of experiential learning for students of biology etc., using it as part of Campus Walks / Campus tours for visitors or Open Day potential students or even part of peer mentoring, aligned with our "Unique Sydney experience" 2020 strategy pillar



Meat free Monday - practical flexitarianism

Meat. Australians love it. As a nation we are one of the higher per capita consumers of meat, especially red meat. And we produce a lot too. Famous for the cattle stations that are the size of European countries, all those cattle produce a lot....of greenhouse gas emissions. The whole meat industry is a huge contributor to GHG's, not just cattle. So lets do our bit to shift consciousness, behaviours and, given the health... more »


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill


Composting of all organic waste that would otherwise go into land fills. USyd community garden group already do this in a small way and could help with rolling this out across the entire campus. See link (https://www.facebook.com/groups/594864013930362/?ref=group_header).


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Recycle soft plastics

Investigate whether our current recycling provider offers an option to recycle soft plastics as well as paper and metal/hard plastics, and if not, investigate switching providers to one which does.


Responsible travel and transport

Cycleways to campus

Improve 'active transport' to campus by lobbying local government for more cycleways/greenways to and around campus.

Increase 'end of trip' facilities and safety/security (eg, student/staff swipe access to bike lockups and lockers, CCTV at all bike racks).

Make it easier to ride to campus than it is to drive or incentivise active transport.


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Start a sustainability challenge University wide

Through gamification we can all learn and improve our ideas to reduce waste. We all have ideas about how to reduce waste, plastics to differing degrees. If we created a university wide team building and waste awareness game, we could contribute to a better environment as the whole university. The sustainability challenge could be set for a time of a year where teams are set up and they follow some ideas (potentially from... more »


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Shake and Fold

One towel is enough. Stickers/posters placed in university toilets/washrooms to let people know that you only need to use one paper towel to dry your hands after washing. Reduce waste and cost.



Energy and emissions footprint

Switch off

Switch off lights, computers and other electronics on campus when not in use! Did you know? Lights on campus are on 24/7. Yes! the campus looks beautiful with the lights on but the reality is that we are wasting a lot of energy just for aesthetics! According to a study - energy wasted by leaving the lights on overnight for a year can be used to heat a home for 5 months!! A simple photocopier machine left on standby mode... more »


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Bottle recycling

There should be a return and earn bottle/can and glass recycling machine at the university. While it is a secondary solution for plastic and waste production, it would help reduce waste on campus. From my knowledge, there are no bottle recycling stations at USYD or the surrounding suburbs including Glebe, Newtown and Broadway so it would be an ideal spot for it.


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Re-usable items for all catered events

Stop providing disposable cups, glasses, plates at any catered events in this university. Provide reusables and call for volunteers to help with washing up. For smaller and more informal events, ask attendees to BYO their cups and/or glasses.