Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Return to better quality canvas giveaway bags

The red bags the University gave away during Welcome Week/O-Week and Open Days used to be made of sturdy canvas, and are now flimsy and feel quite plastic-y. I get that it would be significantly cheaper to go down this path, but these new bags deteriorate and break within weeks or months (this is the feedback from students). If we're supposed to be a sustainable organisation, why is our first point of contact with many... more »



More plant based options on campus

An Oxford study found that adopting a plant based diet is the single biggest thing one can do to reduce their environmental impact, reducing their carbon footprint up to 73%. Harvard, a leading institution, has planned to focus on promoting plant based food as a part of their commitment to reducing their environmental impact, with Cambridge eliminating red meat on their campus altogether. A plant based diet has also been... more »


Responsible travel and transport

Show next pickup point and arrival time of Campus bus

Incorporating this into Sydney Uni's mobile app and potentially key display screens inside campus buildings allows students/staff to safely commute at night. Also pulling data from nearest bus stops and train station helps people plan travel at night times, especially in case of those having classes at night or working late as well as avoid taking cabs etc.


Engagement and awareness of sustainability

Green Funding Requirements

Establish some new regulations around funding requirements for internal University grants and schemes whereby any successful projects need to show that they have considered the environmental implications of their work, with preferential ratings for submissions that have a strong sustainability plan/practice in place.


Engagement and awareness of sustainability

Special leave for climate action

Additional paid leave for undertaking volunteer work to combat climate change. Approved volunteer work could include landcare/tree planting activities, volunteer firefighting training, clean-up events, training AI on waste/litter identification, dozens of other ideas, but let's start with the obvious. A paid day's leave to supervise the installation of solar panels on the home (salary sacrifice/nova-leasing on solar panels?).... more »


Climate Resilient Built Environment

Reach for the stars!

For each University building project (new construction or renovation) the University could seek to achieve a high energy efficiency rating for its buildings including a grey water system. 6 stars represents exceptional greenhouse performance and resource efficiency. The rating system is run by NABERS (NSW Government Office of the Environment and Heritage). The Green Building Counsel of Australia demonstrates some... more »


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

More Recycling on Campus

There are two issues with recycling on campus: first, that there are very few recycling bins on campus. From what I remember, there are only one or two outside on Eastern Avenue. Matching recycling bins 1:1 with general waste bins would make it more accessible and easier for students to consider recycling when they throw away their rubbish. The second issue is that myself and a few other people have seen rubbish cleaners... more »

Energy and emissions footprint

Conference flights

Stop prioritising the attendance of endless international conferences as a measure of academic influence and success. Thousands of flights are taken annually by academics attending conferences when a video link would often do just as well. Air travel is one of the greatest contributors to global warming. Collegiality and social networking opportunities for academics should be developed locally, not at the cost of flights... more »

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Biodiversity and landscape

Campus Flora app

While this app has already been built and exists on our app store, raising awareness and utilising it in case of a field day / tutorial of experiential learning for students of biology etc., using it as part of Campus Walks / Campus tours for visitors or Open Day potential students or even part of peer mentoring, aligned with our "Unique Sydney experience" 2020 strategy pillar

Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Westmead Campus better waste program

Currently westmead campus have very little or not well know waste management program. it is not well know that you can recycle batteries - most pager batteries go into landfill still and it is 2019! Also there should be a better way to manage green waste such as Banana's peels, apple cores etc. This should be composted and result in better waste management. Also each unit/ department/area should have a green waste,... more »


Educating students about the harms of fast fashion

As fast fashion is filling landfills, would there be any idea with eg marketing or meco students (or a ICPU unit) to collaborate with op shops or Vinnies to promote used and recycled fashion? For example, Vinnies is promoting their fashion finds on Insta.

Also, a spot at the bi-weekly (?) market on Eastern Avenue for recycled/used goods seller?


Energy and emissions footprint

Sustainability index

Create a 'green' sustainability index and rate all buildings across all campuses on things like energy consumption (break that down further by renewable and non-renewable energy), carbon offset that the building contributes, energy and water efficiency as well as other sustainability options that the building provides. Make this list publicly available to staff/students. This may already be happening but I cannot see... more »