Build tap drip reporting into cleaning contract

In this period of drought, when there's a tap dripping in a bathroom or in a kitchen, cleaners should be reporting this as part of their rounds. I know this would mean an amendment to the current contract, but I really think it would be an improvement over the current process of letting the taps drip for weeks until someone in the office that can use Archibus reports it.


Climate Resilient Built Environment

Turn a lawn into a native garden

Turn one of the sections of lawn out the front of the Quad into a garden with native plants such as bottlebrushes or grevilleas. It would require less water, provide another colourful photo up for graduates, and attract pollinators.


Energy and emissions footprint

Inter-University Student challenge

One of the most powerful things a University can do (as opposed to a company or government department) is to have impact through TEACHING and RESEARCH. If we don't harness these strengths, we'll always have much less impact than we could have. I propose a high profile University challenge event (eg USYD vs UNSW or Melbourne, but with the aim of becoming national/international) to encourage student teams to develop new... more »


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Handshowers in Toilets.

The only drawback of first world countries. Why waste a kilometer of toilet paper when one can send all the dirt to oblivion with a small amount of high pressure water from a hand-shower or hand-sprout and get a cleaner area at the same time.

Wipes + dustbin or a gel like 'Satu' would promote this too.


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Cloth Hand Towels

Paper hand towels can create a lot of waste especially when people use them liberally. Other universities such as the University of Auckland have implemented continuous cloth hand towels which are washable and reusable.


Responsible travel and transport

World Car Free Day our campuses

22nd of September marks World Car Free Day where towns and cities around the world close the main parts of their town/city to cars opening up space to pedestrians, cyclist and any other non-motor transportation. Maybe next year (on a Tuesday!) we can shut down the main parts of campus to cars, leaving only our perimeter roads open. We do this to an extent on main campus for Open and Info Days so lets expand it a bit... more »

Engagement and awareness of sustainability

Flea market day on Eastern Avenue

Besides the market on Eastern Ave every two weeks (can't remember, I never go there), what about a sustainable market day eg. once a month or once per semester? Flea market stalls, food trucks with no disposable cutlery, OzHarvest, societies selling baked goods etc.

Students could buy a spot (or even better, USYD students get a free spot!) and sell their old stuff too.


Energy and emissions footprint

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers on campus

We really need electric vehicle charging ports along sections of all our parking areas. UNSW installed some four years ago. Without charging stations, how can we expect our student and staff to swap to energy efficient cars?


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Shake and Fold

One towel is enough. Stickers/posters placed in university toilets/washrooms to let people know that you only need to use one paper towel to dry your hands after washing. Reduce waste and cost.



Engagement and awareness of sustainability

Green Hackathon

Establish a University funded Green Hackathon to encourage students and researchers to come together to innovate and develop new ideas, infrastructure and technology for a sustainable future. This could be sponsored by various NGOs but the University would need to allocate real funding to show their support for action on climate change. We need to harness the skills and knowledge that already exist within the University... more »



Sustainable Research Practice

Develop a section on sustainable research practices within the 'Responsible Research Practice' module that is already mandatory for all new academic research staff and affiliates. Also extend this to all staff in some form.


Energy and emissions footprint

Flight shame