Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Recycle soft plastics

Investigate whether our current recycling provider offers an option to recycle soft plastics as well as paper and metal/hard plastics, and if not, investigate switching providers to one which does.


Biodiversity and landscape

Lead the charge through our gardens

The gardens of the University are one of its greatest features and it would be great to lead the charge in sustainability and climate resilience through them. This could include using rainwater and recycled water to water the gardens, creating more shaded areas to combat rising temperatures, using compost made on campus to fertilise garden beds, and providing habitat to urban wildlife through diversity in vegetation,... more »

Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Collaboration with eg. Terracycle

Terracycle recycles eg. Ballpoint pens and markers. Bumped into their pen collection box at the footbridge kiosk but is this promoted anywhere eg on usyd instagram etc?



Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Paperless coursework, textbooks and research

All resources to enable learning and teaching should be "by default" delivered digitally. This would significantly cut down on printing costs as well as our tree-murder footprint. This should include things like; > All assignment submissions are digital > All marking occurs digitally > All mandatory textbooks are available digitally > No printing of emails > Meeting notes/collaboration resources are distributed and consumed... more »


Responsible travel and transport

Cycleways to campus

Improve 'active transport' to campus by lobbying local government for more cycleways/greenways to and around campus.

Increase 'end of trip' facilities and safety/security (eg, student/staff swipe access to bike lockups and lockers, CCTV at all bike racks).

Make it easier to ride to campus than it is to drive or incentivise active transport.


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Sign the No Plastics Pledge

The City of Sydney already have this in place both internally and for events, and 50 other organisations/businesses have as well. UTS have gotten rid of single use plastic in their food court. "The City of Sydney has taken a platinum pledge, committing to phasing out 7 single-use items in its buildings, at its own venues and at events within our area. The City will eliminate or reduce the use of: bottled water plastic... more »


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Start a sustainability challenge University wide

Through gamification we can all learn and improve our ideas to reduce waste. We all have ideas about how to reduce waste, plastics to differing degrees. If we created a university wide team building and waste awareness game, we could contribute to a better environment as the whole university. The sustainability challenge could be set for a time of a year where teams are set up and they follow some ideas (potentially from... more »


Goods and Services

Make leftover food from catering events available to students

Establish a food hub for leftovers from catering events to be accessed by students. Some faculties email their students when leftovers are available, encourage similar practices throughout the uni


Energy and emissions footprint

Switch off

Switch off lights, computers and other electronics on campus when not in use! Did you know? Lights on campus are on 24/7. Yes! the campus looks beautiful with the lights on but the reality is that we are wasting a lot of energy just for aesthetics! According to a study - energy wasted by leaving the lights on overnight for a year can be used to heat a home for 5 months!! A simple photocopier machine left on standby mode... more »


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Recycling single-use lab plastics

Laboratories use a massive amount of single-use plasticware that is sent to landfill. There are ways of decontaminating these plastics,a and recycling them:




Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Appoint an 'Environment Champion' in each department/team

In line with the Wellness Champion idea this is an opportunity for to single out a person to take on a leadership role. Co-ordinating local initiatives, communicating about and helping put into action ideas that will make a difference with the support of their team. This will have rewards for the individual, the team and the environment. Allocate a budget to this initiative which can be applied for to ensure there is... more »


Biodiversity and landscape

Green walls and balconies

Adding green walls and planters to the buildings and balconies around campus with waterwise natives will increase aesthetics, provide pollinators a safe 'stop over' as well as reducing the need for airconditioning due to the shading effects. Especially on the balconies of the new administration building to match up with the kangaroo paws/grasses between F23 and Carslaw.


Reducing waste and our contribution to landfill

Getting recycling bins for soft plastics and clean lab waste

Labs generate a lot of waste (eg soft plastic packaging from deliveries, batteries, foam eskies from deliveries). There are companies that will recycle these items (eg Cleanaway, Redcycle, Kimberley Clark, Terracycle, Expanded Polystyrene Australia, Foamex). Some of these companies provide recycling bins and a pickup service, so it would be fantastic to partner with these companies so that we could recycle this waste... more »


Energy and emissions footprint

Outdoor pavilions and COLAs

Our campus is overflowing with students looking for somewhere to go between classes for self-study, group work or just hang out. On shady days they hit the lawns, but often it is too hot for that and people cram into libraries and lobbies. We have little outdoor shade on campus. We could provide more shaded sitting spaces. In particular covered bench and table areas with wifi would absorb people who want to do some light... more »