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Outdoor pavilions and COLAs

Our campus is overflowing with students looking for somewhere to go between classes for self-study, group work or just hang out. On shady days they hit the lawns, but often it is too hot for that and people cram into libraries and lobbies. We have little outdoor shade on campus. We could provide more shaded sitting spaces. In particular covered bench and table areas with wifi would absorb people who want to do some light prep or discussion before classes or access electronic library items, and thus would free up valuable library and learning spaces for more in-depth study. A friend of mine in media opines the numbers of students simply hanging out in already crammed labs designed for media work just for somewhere to self study or browse. These people also have laptops and could work outside.


In fact there used to be such a place near Bosch with tables and benches for around 50 (without the wifi, see attached image) before it was removed for the new health building. I'd love to see COLAs like this dotted around in pockets of space between buildings, near ovals etc, e.g. the green area freed up by the demolition of the Transient building.


Such pavilions could help improve the campus experience for students, use space efficiently and reduce the carbon footprint of our built environment due to minimal embodied carbon of new light outdoor structures compared to interior workspaces (that are currently at capacity). There are also cultural traditions in Asian countries of congregating in pavilions in public places (e.g. the Thai sala) and indigenous traditions of outdoor learning that we can recognise in some of the ways would could enhance outdoor campus life.


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