Making Effective use of Rain Water to Solve Water Crises

One of the biggest problems that needs to be addressed these days is water crisis. In fact it can be considered as the biggest problem since it already started to affect people among the world. More than a billion people do not have access to safe drinking water. More than half the population do not have access to adequate sanitation. At least 3-4 million people die every year of water related diseases. More than half the world’s wetlands were destroyed during the last century.


My idea is to address the problem by making effective use of rain water.

On an average for a 10 mm rain, we can collect at least 550 gallons of water over a 1000 square feet area.

The average rain is more than 10 mm, so if we are able to collect the rain water in every city every day, in less than 6 months we can fill most of the dried lakes.


One way this can be done is by construction of overhead portable and fold-able tanks.. For example we can use them as street lights and high way lights when we are not using them, but once it starts to rain they will open and convert into an overhead roof which collects every drop of rain water in that area.


This rain water can be transferred to nearby lakes or water plants through potential energy where they can be used effectively.


Rain water are nearly equivalent to fresh water and takes less efforts to convert them in to normal drinkable water


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