Biodiversity and landscape

Introduce edible food plants across campus

There's a big push in some suburbs for verge gardens, taking back lawn space that sucks up water and doesn't provide habitats for animals and insects, and planting with native plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees that are available to the local community. The University has magnificent gardens with well planned plantings but I'd love to see edible options that would encourage students, staff and visitors to pick and use them. I realise there need to be other considerations - how to manage animal activity like possums or rats, what our liabilities are if someone slips on rotten fruit, but I also think an edible garden route would be delightful! I know we already have a community garden but I'm thinking about something more spread out across all the University green spaces. A lemon tree here, a rosemary bush there, Lillipilli, Warrigal greens, peas, carrots - with signs saying "I'm edible, try me". If this is a bit too much, then perhaps some more community garden spaces with dwarf fruit plants like mulberries, guavas, anything that may be adapted to the increasingly hot summers we will get, underplanted with herbs and bushes.

We could make maintenance part of mental health workshops and awareness as gardening and spending time in natural settings is supposed to help manage stress.


Idea No. 71