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Inter-University Student challenge

One of the most powerful things a University can do (as opposed to a company or government department) is to have impact through TEACHING and RESEARCH. If we don't harness these strengths, we'll always have much less impact than we could have.


I propose a high profile University challenge event (eg USYD vs UNSW or Melbourne, but with the aim of becoming national/international) to encourage student teams to develop new solutions- which could be piloted on campus.

Highly successful models for this event include:;; and in other areas:, and (the only one of these that USYD has actually taken part in) (which USYD won, with the highest ever points).


This is an opportunity to engage students, encourage them to use their university skills to take meaningful action, encourage teamwork, make a public statement and put ourselves on the map. (BTW there is NSW govt funding for this kind of competition).


Idea No. 39