Initiative to target cigarette butt litter

I am entering this under the water category as cigarette butts frequently end up in water ways and leach toxic chemicals such as nicotine and heavy metals into our water. (More information: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/08/cigarettes-story-of-plastic/ )

While we have banned smoking on campus, there are some spots on campus or in the surrounding area that are full of cigarette butts. I think we need to introduce an education campaign to help people understand why littering these items is so bad for the environment, and also provide better disposal options. An area just next to the Business School is completely covered in dropped butts and it has a tiny little bin for disposing of butts... clearly this does not meet demand.


I have attached a photograph of the litter and a screenshot of the map location (corner of Darlington lane and Codrington st).


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