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Service Improvement Sprints Program

The Services Improvement Sprints (SIS) Program is a key stream of the Services Operating Model (SOM) work within the Operations portfolio. The SIS program has been designed to identify and solve ‘quick win’ type issues in the five Professional Services Units (PSU) to improve the day-to-day life of our University community. That is any improvement within Finance, ICT, HR, CIS or Risk Management that you as the University community believe would lessen the administrative burden on you, so you can focus on what counts!

Each wave of the SIS program will focus on a specific theme. It is proposed that these waves will cycle through on a four-month basis, varying the theme but creating a balanced and sustainable model that can be delivered. This would allow for a notation two week ideas generation, twelve week delivery period and two week wrap up process. Please remember that a SIS idea should meet the following six criteria:

  1. An idea that can be turned around and have a positive customer impact within 8 – 12 weeks;
  2. Not subject to major technology upgrades but could be a technology initiative, if light;
  3. Could be a process or service improvement that reduces the number of steps
  4. Could be a simplification process such as a simpler form to complete; and / or
  5. Impact a university community, being Faculty Operations, Academic (including Research and Teaching) and Student Experience
  6. Must be delivered with a PSU’s business as usual (BAU) budget.

If your idea does not meet the SIS criteria but is considered a good idea that could be achieved within the next 12 months, it will be placed in the Initiative category for consideration.

If your idea does not meet the SIS criteria, is considered to require resources that are currently unavailable and is not achievable within the next 12 months it will be delegated to the Not Proceeding category.

Our first wave of the program has successfully delivered a broad range of initiatives from across the Operations Portfolio. Some key completed initiatives include:

  • Augmenting our current Service Desk through the addition of an after-hours and weekend support offering
  • Simplified connection to Eduroam (sector-wide wireless network for education & research)
  • Integrated ICT AV refreshes with CIS CPP / DM quick wins list
  • New web solution to receive reimbursements from staff and customers
  • Casual Forms reduction & Recruitment Forms Improvements
  • Staff Card Activation co-location into JFR Student Centre

The current wave of the program specifically focuses on improvements to support the STUDENT EXPERIENCE however; you can also submit any new ideas at any time. So please, CLICK INTO THE CAMPAIGN and give us your feedback and ideas on improvements that will help you!