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Tell us your ideas and initiatives for Sustainability at the University of Sydney

Each person who uses our campuses has a unique perspective on how the University could be more sustainable, and we want to hear your ideas.

On our ideas wall you can vote for ideas already submitted, add comments to existing ideas, or add a new idea (and watch the votes roll in). Currently doing something in your own community and would like to see it on campus, drop by our "What are you doing?" campaign. Get started by logging in with your Unikey on the upper-right of this page.

If you want further information on the development of the Sustainability Strategy, check out our SharePoint site or email us at

The University's size in both physical footprint and community means we can have a real impact in building sustainable campuses. What are the ways we can engage our world-leading research, education and grassroots action to create a more sustainable University?


Meat free Monday - practical flexitarianism

Meat. Australians love it. As a nation we are one of the higher students per capital consumers of meat, especially red meat. And we produce a lot too. Famous for the cattle stations that are the size of European countries, all those cattle produce a lot....of greenhouse gas emissions. The whole meat industry is a huge contributor to GHG's, not just cattle. So lets do our bit to shift consciousness, behaviours and, given... more »

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Biodiversity and landscape

Campus Flora app

While this app has already been built and exists on our app store, raising awareness and utilising it in case of a field day / tutorial of experiential learning for students of biology etc., using it as part of Campus Walks / Campus tours for visitors or Open Day potential students or even part of peer mentoring, aligned with our "Unique Sydney experience" 2020 strategy pillar


Responsible travel and transport

Show next pickup point and arrival time of Campus bus

Incorporating this into Sydney Uni's mobile app and potentially key display screens inside campus buildings allows students/staff to safely commute at night. Also pulling data from nearest bus stops and train station helps people plan travel at night times, especially in case of those having classes at night or working late as well as avoid taking cabs etc.